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About The RobotBrush Collective

We’re a group of independent VFX artists, motion graphics designers, film and game composers, and other creative professionals who have come together to form a collective. In other words, we’re a bunch of awesome people who make cool stuff with sound and visuals.

If you’re looking to add some sizzle to your project, whether it’s a movie, a game, or something else entirely, we’re here to help. Our team is made up of super talented individuals who love what they do, and we’re always up for a challenge.

So if you’ve got a project that needs that extra something special, give us a shout! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Our Showreel

A Moment of Peace
Animal Parade
Approaching Void
Beyond Evil
Chasing Ghosts
Chicago Swing
Dark Lullaby
Dark Thoughts
Dracula's Revenge
Ecstasy of Colour
Gallery of Horrors
Kingdom of One
Lost in the Desert
Lost Memories
Mechanical Prelude
Pathfinder vol. 2
Phobos and Deimos
Shores of Eternity
Sunshine Fading
The Confrontation
The Cosmic Wonder
The End
The Eternal Peace
The Final Battle
The Message
The Old Gods
The Wind Carries Me
The World Beneath
Towards the Top


Clients We've Worked With

Real People, Real Passion

Our team is made up of real people who are passionate about what they do. We believe that this authenticity sets us apart and allows us to truly capture the essence of your vision. We’re here to help you bring your ideas to life.

Let's Get Creative!

We love to think outside the box and take risks. We’re always up for a challenge and are excited to work with you to bring your project to life. Let’s collaborate and see what amazing things we can create together.

We're Good Listeners

We value collaboration and believe that open communication is key to creating great projects. We’re all ears and want to understand your vision for your project. Let’s chat and see how we can make something truly amazing together.

Our Services



Video composition is the process of putting multiple layers of images or videos together to create a single, cohesive picture. This technique is commonly used in movies, TV shows, and ads, but you may see it more often than you realize.

Visual Effects

We’re experts in creating awesome graphics and visual effects for movies and TV. Whether you need people or objects added to CGI environments or want to blend CGI with live footage, we can make it happen. Let us help bring your ideas to life!


Color Grading

We’re experts at enhancing the colors and improving the overall look of your videos. Our team has the skills and tools to make your footage look its best. Whether you want a signature look for a single production or a unified look for a series, we can help.


Motion Graphics

We create stunning motion graphics for agencies, game developers, and filmmakers. Our team is always updating our skills and software to make sure your animation stands out. Let us help you emphasize ideas and clarify processes with engaging imagery.


Online and Offline Editing

Our team of experienced in-house editors can handle any content from HD to 4K using state-of-the-art suites and flexible workflow. We offer the highest technical and creative finish for any project, and are always eager to collaborate and bring your vision to life.

Audio Mixing and Post-Production

Let us help you put the finishing touches on your project with our professional audio mixing, editing, and post-production services. We’ll make sure your voice-over, custom music, and visual elements are perfectly combined and ready for approval.


Sound Design and Foley

Our engineers have a real knack for picking out the perfect sounds and making them work together seamlessly. Plus, with our huge sound library, we can always find something that fits the bill or create something totally unique. Let’s make some magic!


Music Composition

Whether you need music for a TV ad, corporate video, or app, we’ve got you covered. We also compose music for films, TV shows, and games. If you have something visual, we have something audio for it. Let’s chat and find the perfect sound for your project!

Join The Collective

Calling all artists! Want to take on bigger projects and create something truly amazing? Join our artist collective and collaborate with like-minded individuals to bring your artistic visions to life. Our supportive community is here to help you succeed and make the most out of your creative talents. So don’t wait – join us today and let’s make some magic happen!