Hey guys,

We’re finally done, it’s finally here! Our brand spankin’ new website! I know, I know – it took us quite some time to finish it, but I think it looks and works really cool … what do YOU think?

So, since facebook is becoming less and less reliable when it comes to delivering our posts and news to you guys, I guess we’ll be posting all of our new stuff right here – where we can control what goes where and all that shit. However, we’ll still be posting updates on our facebook page – so that you kind of, sort of know when we actually post something new on the website. Just keep in mind that facebook might not serve you all of our updates, so – just to be sure you’re getting all of the goodness – you can either subscribe to our RSS feed (check the icon right above this post, to the right) or just check our website from time to time.

Oh yeah, I can’t really tell you much about this other thing we’re planning … but let me just tell you – you REALLY might want to check the website on a regular basis. You never know what cool stuff you’ll be able to find in some of our updates 😉 that’s all I can say for now …

OK then, now for the formal stuff – as you might have noticed, we divided the website into 2 sections – ‘portfolio’ and ‘geek lair’. I’m sure by now most of you know that beside making all that cool stuff for Angry Joe, Nostalgia Critic, Angry Video Game Nerd etc. we’re also freelance graphic designers (and VFX artists, and animators, and composers, and many many other things) – hence the divide. The thing is – I’m sure some of you guys follow us just for all that cool stuff like NC/AJ drawings, updates about new Angry Joe stuff we’re working on, gameplay videos, gaming news and all that jazz … so here’s the deal – we’ll be posting all that cool stuff in the ‘geek lair’ section of our website … just so that you won’t have to sift through heaps of boring stuff just to find all the cool bits. Yeah, I know – we’re just THAT thoughtful. Additionally, we’ll be posting ALL of our stuff (including all of the boring animations and graphics we’re doing for regular clients) to the ‘portfolio’ section. So, that’s that, I guess.

Now let us tell you a little bit about each section of the site – just so you’ll have a general idea of where to find what, etc.:

newsNEWS – well, this one’s pretty much self-explanatory … or is it?!? I guess it is. First of all, we’ll definitely be posting ALL of the updates to our website right here. Whenever we add some cool things to our portfolio – there’ll be a post about it. Additionally we’ll be posting quite a lot of gaming and movie-related news whenever we feel that some piece of news is worth sharing with you, guys. Just don’t expect us to post ALL of the video game news here – we wouldn’t have time to do anything else if we were to do that. If we find some cool news about some awesome game/announcement – we’ll be sure to post it here … or if we come by some news about game being absolutely AWFUL (think – Aliens: Colonial Marines … or the whole SimCity disaster). We might also bring you some news about cool Steam sales if anything worthwhile pops up on Steam. Oh yeah, this is the section of the website that feeds to the RSS, so if you subscribe to our RSS, you’ll be getting all the news right there!

gameplayGAMEPLAY – this one’s pretty obvious too. We’ll be posting all of the gameplay videos we make. We’ll definitely try to keep this section as fresh as possible with videos of most of the newly-released PC games. Sometimes just pure gameplay, sometimes with commentary. Sometimes lashman will be playing stuff, sometimes MaroBot. You never know. But in general – all of our gaming-related stuff will be posted right there, so if you’re thinking of buying a certain game but want to hold-off until you see some actual real (ekhem, ekhem, Aliens: Colonial Marines, ekhem) gameplay footage – that’s the section you’ll be interested in. As you can already see – there are plenty of videos posted there, along with a short summary of our thoughts about each game (just let me emphasize – these are by no means reviews!). Oh yeah – we might also post videos of some older games (think – 1-3 years old) – it all depends on what we’ll be playing in the future and if we decide it’s cool enough to show you!

tutorialTUTORIALS – I know, I know, this section’s pretty bare right now – only one video of MaroBot doing a speed paint of one of his drawings, BUT – this is the section that’ll be heavily dependent on you guys. Here’s the deal – whenever you see something cool we’ve done and you want to know how EXACTLY it was done – just let us know in the comments here or on facebook and we’ll try to post a tutorial video, showing how it was done. It’s as simple as that: you want it – we deliver. You might also have some cool ideas for tutorials for a specific piece of software, or a specific technique, or anything else related to the stuff we do – well this is the section where all of that stuff will eventually be posted. I’m sure a lot of you would like that. Just let us know what you think about that in the comments below.

portfolioPORTFOLIO – aaaaaand this is the last section. ALL of our work will be posted right there for all of you to admire 😉 There’s not much I can say about this one, portfolio is pretty much a must-have section on every designer’s website …. so – here’s ours. Just keep in mind that we’ll be posting everything we make to that page – including all the boring corporate stuff. So if you’re only interested in the cool stuff we do (ie. Angry Joe graphics etc.) – just stick to the news section – we’ll be posting only the cool stuff we do there. The choice is yours!

OK then, that’s that – a brief tour of our website. Hope you like it and will visit us often! Feel free to share this post to your facebook wall or your twitter feed – help us spread the word! 🙂 Let us know what you think in the comments below. And if you EVER have any suggestions on how we could improve our website – just use the feedback form on the right side of your screen (it helps us to keep track of all the suggestions – instead of having to scout through all the comments under each post). Just keep in mind – by no means those are all of the sections we’ll ever have. There might be some additional ones coming real soon (wink wink, nudge nudge). You just never know what we might come up with. And that’s the best thing about it … right? 🙂
Over and out,


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  1. Congrats on the new site!! Your site and your artworks are looking great. We are an app studio company in San Francisco, looking for freelance (or full-time) talented designers. So we are bookmarking you guys for sure. Good luck and hope we can do some business together!

    1. awesome! 🙂 thank you very much …. we hope we can do some business together as well 🙂 if you need anything – just let us know – we’ll be happy to help you out!

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